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Synthetic biology – research programme (FINSynBio)

Synthetic biology – research programme (FINSynBio)
Funding cooperation with Indian Department of Biotechnology (DBT)
The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and Academy of Finland have agreed on funding cooperation to promote Indo-Finnish research cooperation within the synthetic biology research programme. The four-year projects can cover for example the following topics: modelling and simulation of biological reactions and systems; synthetic biology: tools and production systems and socio-cultural issues relating to synthetic biology.  DBT will fund researchers in India and The Academy of Finland will fund research teams in Finland.  Both partners apply funding from their national organisations.
Joint project planning
The Indian and Finnish co-applicants will develop one joint research plan that will be sent both to the DBT and Academy of Finland using their respective forms. The applications must include a statement on how the proposed collaboration is expected to bring added valued to both countries.
The project budget must clearly delineate justified Indian and Finnish costs. The costs of the Indian partner must be eligible in accordance with the guidelines of the DBT.  Accordingly, the costs of the Finnish partner must be eligible in accordance with the guidelines of the Academy of Finland.  Applicants are reminded to include sufficient budget for travel between Finland and India to ensure successful collaboration.
Submission of Application on Indian side
Applications shall be made in accordance with the DBT’s procedure for international collaboration and on application form available alongwith the call on the DBT website at http://dbtindia.nic.in
Five copies of the jointly agreed collaborative research project on the appliction format should be sent on or before 6th February, 2012 to Dr. Shailja V. Gupta, Director, Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science and Technology, Block – 2 ,CGO Complex, Lodi Road, New Delhi – 110 003, INDIA. Tel: 2436 3748; Fax :  2436 2884; E-mail : shailja@dbt.nic.in; Website : www.dbtindia.nic.in
Programme memorandum
The   programme   memorandum   contains   more   detailed   information   on   the programme’s   background,   aims,   themes   and   review   criteria.   The   programme memorandum  is  available  on  website http://www.aka.fi/finsynbio or  upon  request from  Registrar’s  Office.  Applicants are requested  to  carefully  read  the  programme memorandum in order to submit a competitive application.
Submission of Application of Finnish side
The Indo-Finnish joint projects do not submit a letter of intent, as in FINSynBio national call in September 2012, but submit a full application in  the online services  no  later  than  6  February  2013  at  16.15 (select Open calls > FinSynBio 2012). The deadline is non-negotiable.
In the call, the full cost model applies to the calculation of the costs of a research project. See guidelines on how to enter the costs in the application on our website under Full cost model. 
If  the  Finnish applicant  is  a  consortium,  see  detailed  guidelines  on  our  website  under Consortium  application.  The  application  of  the  whole  consortium  can  be  processed only  if  the  applications  of  all  consortium  sub-projects  have  been  submitted  by  the deadline. The composition of the consortium cannot be changed after the deadline. 
More detailed application guidelines are available on Academy’s web pages > How to apply.
Appendix 1C, Appendices to applications in international joint project calls
More information
·         Dr Shailja Gupta, Director, International Collaboration, DBT. Ph: 011-24363748;             Email: shailja@dbt.nic.in
Academy of Finland
·         programme manager Jukka Reivinen (programme unit), tel. +358 295 33 5099
·         programme manager Tiina Jokela (programme unit), tel. +358 295 33 5046
·         project secretary Sanna Hytönen (programme unit), tel. +358 295 33 5032

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