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BIRAC Contract Research and Services Scheme (CRS)

Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council
(A Govt. of India Enterprise)
Set up by Department of Biotechnology, Government of India
3rd Call for proposals under
Contract Research and Services Scheme (CRS) to facilitate Academia-Industry Interaction
(15th January to 28th February, 2013)
Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC), a Section 25 ‘Not-for-Profit Company’ of Government of India, has been set up as Department of Biotechnology’s interface agency, which serves as a single window for nurturing and promoting innovation led research.
Key Features
Contract Research and Services Scheme (CRS) provides support to Academia in the form of grant-in-aid for validation of the Proof of Concept (PoC) by an Industrial partner.
 The scheme supports academia-industry interaction between research institutes, universities, public funded research laboratories, governmental organizations, research foundations and companies/industries.
Academic partners who have already generated or have pre-existing scientifically established PoC/leads could seek support for specific research and validation process to be performed by company partners within a defined time frame. The industry partner in turn would complete the validation phase in a Contract Research mode
Some specific services from the industry such as toxicology, sequencing, use of specific equipment etc required by the academia for validation of the PoC could also be supported under this scheme.
Modalities of Funding
The academic partner will be provided Grant-in-aid for validation of PoC at their site or for contract research/ service component (s) to be outsourced to the collaborating company (ies).
Who can Apply?
Academia with one of more partners of which at least one has to be a company.
Primary Applicant (Academia)
Public and/or Private Universities and Research Institutions having a well-established research support system, for basic or applied research  are eligible. A registration/recognition/accreditation/ certification from a government body is mandatory.
The Research group should necessarily have an established lead as evident by scientific data ready for validation/outsourced services.
Collaborating Company (ies)
Only Indian Company (ies), registered under the Indian Companies Act 1956  with atleast 51%  Indian shareholding and having DSIR* recognized in-house R&D unit, interested to perform such a contract research service with academic partners are eligible.
(*companies in the process of obtaining DSIR recognition may also apply along with the proof of application to DSIR. However, the final decision on such applications would be subject to their getting DSIR recognition)
How to Apply?
Proposals under CRS are required to be submitted online only. For submission of proposals, Institutions need to register with BIRAC through “Institution User Registration”. Detailed guidelines on how to submit the Proposal will be available online. www.birac.nic.in
For further details, please contact:
Dr. Amita Joshi, Programme Manager, BIRAC
User Registration is open round the clock.
Online Proposal Submission would begin from 15thJanuary, 2013
No Hard Copy to be submitted, Proposals submitted online only would be considered.
Last date for Submission of Proposals under  the CRS Scheme: 28th February 2013

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